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Drug rehab point is a licenced centre approved by the government. we serving our duty since 11 years. In our centres we provide a modern facility and therapy activity. Our counsellor is very well experienced and trained. Drug rehab point is free from any legal issues. The aim of our organisation is to finish the drug and stop drug addiction.
De addiction Center  Jalandhar  is very fast for recovery ratio. we have 11 years experience. During these years we are not  facing any legal issues. This centre is very good and peaceful as compared to another centres.  Approximately we recover 80% drug abuse and recovery rate of our centre is very good. we are very successful and very near to achieve our aim. De addiction Center  Jalandhar is very near to achieve the target to control the  drug .
Drug rehab point is a 40+ bedded  and air condition centre. This centre is famous for modernised facilities in North India. The branches of Rehab centre are located in many cities.
People give the best feedback  for  rehabilitation centre in Hoshiarpur. they called that this is best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Hoshiarpur.
Success Cases The result of this centre for success cases is Very good and this is the best rehabilitation centre in Punjab. The branches of this centre are located in Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala and Phagwara. These are the best rehabilitation centre in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The persons who are  addicted to alcohol, after joining these centre, they stop alcohol. The families of these persons said that these are the
best alcohol rehabilitation centres in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
Drug Counsellor: People who are habitual of drug addiction and wants to stop the drug,  for these people our 
drug counsellor  in Amritsar and jalandhar De addiction Centers are very good. To know our treatment plans, contact us or visit us !
We are licensed by the Govt. of Punjab. Constantly serving since 11 years , we were recognized as one of the leading rehabilitation centre with modernized facility and therapy activity in North India . We are a 40+ bedded rehab . We cater to high-end society with air-conditioned rooms also. Our centre has the best counselors’ and in-house staff having experiences of more than 10 years, which is rarely found in any rehabs
We declare that we do not have any legal issues in court and have treated more than 1000 patients from the time we started this organization and have approximately around 80% recovery (depending upon the recovery time of patients) when compared to 2% recovery rate according to world statistics. We have treated clients.
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